Sushmita Sapkota: “The destruction taught me to think and work for the sake of others”

Reclining DeityI was with my relatives at Dakshinkali when the quake struck. The people there were so afraid that seeing them, I felt that life had come to an end. When the tremors stopped, we went home. The condition of the houses, the people, and the road was pathetic. I felt useless because I wasn’t doing anything for anybody.

Feelings of love towards the homeless, orphans, and old people came over me and I felt like contributing something from my side. Such feelings were never aroused in me before. Nowadays people have become so selfish that they only dream of going to some foreign country. I too used to think that way, but now I am free from such selfish thoughts. I have realized the importance of our country and I believe that it’s our duty to maintain it.

With these thoughts in mind, I went to Bir Hospital to serve the victims of the earthquake. I provided my service and I was much satisfied with that decision. I learnt to transform my sentiments and feelings into action. The destruction created by the earthquake taught me to think and work for the sake of others.

When I was given the responsibility of volunteer coordinator by Nyma Bhutiya, founder of Vijayapur Helping Hands, I became more responsible in my work and learnt how to be a leader. The girl who used to be so afraid of traveling alone was now leading a group, offering help, and even conducting donation campaigns. The positive changes that developed in me were possible only due to my active participation in relief work after the earthquake.

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