Saugat Adhikary: “If we are united, we can rise again”

Rice fields near Kathmandu University

Rice fields near Kathmandu University

I was busy putting vitamins on the potatoes out in the fields when the land started trembling with a terrifying noise. The aftershocks continued after that for many days. Hundreds of houses fell apart in front of my naked eyes, and the dust coming from the falling houses made the scene even worse. Many people lost their lives. For others, their fathers, mothers and children were taken from them forever.

This earthquake has had a great effect on me. My body is still shaking, my legs still trembling, and my heart still pounding. I was in total fear of losing my life, and to remain alive I stayed outside in a tent for over a month. I was injured during an aftershock on April 26th, so now even a very tiny tremor terrifies me and forces me to run out of my house like a rocket.

The quake taught me to help people in need, and to aid the victims in whatever way I can. It’s also taught me the importance of togetherness, teamwork, and brotherhood. If we are united, we can rise again, our country can stand tall, and our history can be saved.

Before the earthquake I used to dream of living in a big beautiful house. But my perspective has changed. Now I would prefer to live in a one story cottage where I can remain safe and secure.

The earthquake has taught me to be a man who can save his own life in a calamity, guide others to safety, help those in need, and to be a role model because of my good deeds.

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