Pratyush Pradhan: “Frankly, I thought volunteering was dull and boring before the quake”

Wedding PartyNatural disasters are unstoppable and mostly unpredictable. It is a time when Mother Nature shows her dark side and her wrath to us. Many people die in such natural disasters and many who survive are left traumatize.

The earthquake changed my way of thinking and my prospective on life. I used to be picky with what I ate and complain about the food, but the earthquake made me realize the importance of getting a proper meal each day. It also made me realize the importance of the family bond. At a time that looked like the end of the world to me, the safety of my family always came first.

After this disastrous event, I value my life more than ever. I’ve also come to understand what people can do to help each other. Frankly, I thought volunteering and other social activities were dull and boring before the quake. But now I understand the value and importance of giving help to others and getting help from others.

The series of earthquakes and aftershocks that shook our country has really been a heartbreaking disaster for us Nepalese. But what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. The earthquake definitely made me stronger. I think of it as a timely reminder of the uncertainty of the future and the importance of our lives.

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