Aayush Ratna Sthapit: “I felt a sudden push from deep down in the earth”

Kathmandu University Cafeteria Lunch

Kathmandu University Cafeteria Lunch

I was, as usual, just watching TV on the sixth floor of my house when I felt a sudden push from deep down in the earth. When a second, stronger tremor struck, I had a feeling in my heart that this was the end. All that cinematic crap about how when you are close to death you get a flashback to those moments of joy and fear in your life did not happen in my case. The only thought in my mind was to race down to the ground floor and get to a place of safety. In my flight, my vision was blurred, and my ears were nearly deaf due to the roaring of the quake. The memory of that sound still scares me. In front of me the stair rails shook to and fro like they were going to break. When I reached the ground floor, the earth was still shaking.

This disaster brought about some significant changes in my life. After you see over 200 dead bodies just lying there in front of you, you really understand the importance of life and what it means. Before the quake, I never had a lot of determination to achieve my life’s goals, but now I am very serious and determined to complete my wish list. And when I fail, I don’t lose hope like I used to. I have gained some self-confidence, and I no longer get depressed easily.

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