Suman Dhakal: “The wounds may heal, but the scars will always remain”

Village School Faculty

Faculty at Shree Mahankal Secondary School

I was in the middle of Kathmandu when the earthquake hit. The ground below me shook and swayed as if intoxicated. It was impossible to stand still because of the shaking. It was then that I understood what true fear is. Kathmandu was a nightmare of falling buildings and crushed people. Sadly, it was not the earthquake that killed them, but the poor structures they lived in.

I witnessed people’s behavior after the disaster. While some were doing their best to help the victims and make the situation normal, others were doing their best to take advantage of the situation, especially the shop keepers. It was painful to see this.

People were worried about their loved ones, trying desperately to get in touch with them in every possible way. I felt the importance of communication, and realized that social sites can be used wisely rather than wasting time posting nonsense.

It was a positive sign to see young people rise up to help the victims, both individually and in collaboration with officials. I got the feeling that If we youth ever united, we could do a lot for our country.

Our society is deeply divided by things such as untouchability and religious discrimination. But it was a relief to see people helping each other in their time of need, setting aside all social boundaries.

I learnt that we should be calm during difficult times because good times will inevitably follow. I realized that life is uncertain, so I have resolved to have good relations with everyone around me. Moreover, I realized how much I love my country and my countrymen.

I may seem like the same person, but this event has had a deep effect on me. Images of the disaster will remain in my mind for as long as I am alive. The wounds may heal, but the scars will always remain.

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