Ranjai Baidya: “I learnt that you can really see what people are made of in times like these”

Science Building Kathmandu University

Science Building Kathmandu University

No one who experienced this disastrous earthquake came away unchanged. If nothing else, it left a huge fear in people’s hearts.

I can’t deny that I myself was also changed. First, I realize how important it is to have your family and friends by your side during times like these. I see and hear about people who have lost their dear ones and I can hardly imagine myself in their situation. I feel myself lucky that I still have those people who were there for me when I needed them, and now I treasure them even more.

I learnt that you can really see what people are made of in times like these. There were those who helped everyone, even strangers, and there were others who refused even to share a tent with their neighbors.

There were people who risked their lives to save others, and there were many self-centered freaks who fought to get the relief material for themselves when they were the ones who needed them the least.

I discovered how easily people pretend to be someone they are not. I saw people who were initially the daring ones, running and screaming in fear when the ground began to shake, even though they were in the safest place they could be.

During my little efforts in helping to rebuild Nepal, I saw some people clearing out the rubble from their destroyed houses, not expecting any help from anyone, and I also saw people fighting just for a piece of wood.

In the end, I learnt that “The biggest of changes are possible even with our smallest of efforts,” and “We need to start with ourselves to bring about the change that we want to see in the world.”

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