Nischal Gyawali: “A hut had collapsed, burying a small baby…”

Shrine in Dhulikhel

Shrine in Dhulikhel

The night before the quake, I lay awake full of excitement because on the following morning, I and five friends were biking to Tatopani for a seven day sports holiday. On Saturday morning, I met my friends in Dhulikhel. The weather was good, (neither too hot nor too cold) for the bike ride. At about 10:00 AM we started our journey.

About 25 km from our destination, the earthquake hit. We were standing on the bank of a river. The ground was shaking, and we saw houses collapse right in front of us. People were shouting and they started to panic.

Immediately I thought to call my family, but there was no network. Now I started to worry. After 45 minutes my phone rang. It was my mother telling me that everything was ok there. I was able to settle down after that.

Near the place where I was standing, a hut had collapsed, burying a small baby. The baby’s mother was crying loudly. She was completely out of her mind and didn’t know what to do. After five minutes of frantic digging, the local people got her baby out safely. There was so much happiness in that mother’s face.

Looking at the damage, I was emotionally hurt. It was like my country had changed its clothes in an instant. Our world heritage sites now looked like a pile of stones and bricks. I felt so bad for my country and for those who lost their lives or were badly injured. I realize that I can be a help to those people who are in need.

This incident tested me emotionally, mentally, and physically, but I came to know that I have the patience to deal with life’s worst situations.

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