Bidhya Acharya: “It left a permanent darkness in the minds and hearts of our people”

Chai Shop Owner

Chai Shop Owner

The devastating earthquake of 2015 took parents away from children, children away from parents, and souls away from lives. It left a permanent darkness in the minds and hearts of our people.

Tears, stress and panic were everywhere. It was a time of grief and sorrow, a time when the entire country cried and prayed for the lives of their loved ones.

How would a person feel about him or herself in such a threatening situation? Those who lost loved ones would shed tears in their grief. A person injured would be afraid and pray for their own wellbeing. A dead person would no longer be there to realize what he was and what he could have been. A person who lost his house would realize he is now homeless and the economic pressure that is going to come. And a person who survived the disaster would realize how much his country needs him.

I personally was a victim of this earthquake. I lost the home where I was born, and still have many beautiful memories of the place.

At the exact moment of the earthquake, I strongly realized that I have to live, and that my life is precious. I realized how much I love my parents and siblings. I realized that I love my motherland so much that I cried seeing its history, heritage, and natural beauty turned to rubble.

I realized that my beautiful, incredible motherland needed a helping hand. I saw my brothers and sisters starving, in need of shelter, food, and clothing. I realized that if I was only able to help a little bit, my country would still be proud of me. One day I will be able to stand on my own and help my country.

When I found everyone living together in tents — rich, poor, those who are discriminated against, and the so-called upper class, I realized that the people of my country loved each other and so do I. We lived like one family and held each other’s hands during the aftershocks. Maybe this is the way to unite people; let them help each other and serve their country.

Overall, I realized what I was, and what I can be, what my feelings are toward my loved ones and my motherland, and what I can do for my country and its people. I thank God for saving my life and the lives of my loved ones.

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