Ajay Gurung: “I felt broken and I couldn’t even leave my home”

Village school canteen guy

Canteen attendant at Shree Mahankal Secondary School

When the earthquake hit, I was just about to enter a cinema hall to watch a movie with my family. I was talking with my aunt. My mother and cousin had not yet arrived. Then suddenly everything started shaking. I was cool with it. I thought it would end after awhile, but it lasted a little longer than I expected.

Soon everyone started running and I was the last one to make it out of the hall because I wasn’t running. I don’t know why. Maybe it was because I didn’t care much. When I made it outside, I looked for my mother. I found her screaming my name like she had gone insane. My family members were scared like they had met an evil monster.

After watching the news and hearing the reports, I realized that it was more than a monster. This unexpected tragedy had cost many innocent lives, caused thousands of injuries, and ruined the nation. Worst of all, it created fear among the natives. People were scared of losing their lives and it became difficult just to be normal. People were just panicking, afraid of the aftershocks.

We were helped by other nations, but where was I? Seeing all those tragedies, I felt broken and I couldn’t even leave my home. I just wanted to be with my family. I wanted to do something for my country but all I did was stay at home and pretended like everything was normal.

I understood the love of family, the importance of life, and the power of nature. I wasn’t scared that the earthquake would kill me, but I was afraid of losing the people around me. It made me somehow more understanding, but in the end, I feel like I have not really changed at all.

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